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Wedding Planners Help To Organise Things

So the big question has been popped, a ring has been accepted and everyone is excited, you’ll have an engagement party and have lots of fun.  The problem is that its getting serious now, no not the relationship :-), your going to have to plan the big day, probably the biggest event you’ll ever organise, not to mention the most expensive.

But it’s all good, you’ve got a bit of time to sort everything out, the problem is – do you know what to sort out or how long it will take?  So you’d like a little help? You could splash the cash and hire a wedding organiser or if you’d prefer to save some money you could have a look at this Beautiful Wedding Planner Guide, it will help you to make your day perfect, with as little stress as possible

  • Wedding Planner – Beautiful Design and Finish
  • Many extras to include 6 tabbed sections, prompts and detailed checklists
  • Lots of detail to ensure nothing is left forgotten for the Special Day
  • A beautiful keepsake product with matching guest book, note book and photo album available to compliment this beautiful range

Wedding Planners - Inside Page

Luxury Breakfast In Bed Hamper

Soon after the wedding The Luxury Breakfast In Bed Hamperis over the happy couple will probably want to spend a late morning in bed, and what could be better than a nice, leisurly breakfast in bed?

How about a hamper from Whisk Hampers, they have a fantastic Luxury Breakfast In Bed Hamper, it consists of

the luxury breakfast in bed tray

breakfast in bed is one of life’s simple pleasures and with our luxury breakfast tray we’ve done most the work for youpackaged in a black fluted tray lined in black shred together with a quotation postcard and your message handwritten on a mini whisk tag.

click on a product below to view a full description:

  • clear natural blossom honey 340g

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  • organic fairtrade sumatran takengon coffee 227g
  • jean-paul deville carte d’or n.v. champagne 37.5cl
  • french madelienes 400g
  • organic coffee hazelnut chocolate spread 200g
  • fine cut marmalade 113g
  • raspberry jam 113g
  • ‘eating’ quotation postcard
  • mini whisk tag
the luxury breakfast in bed tray

breakfast in bed is one of life’s simple pleasures and with our luxury breakfast tray we’ve done most the work for youpackaged in a black fluted tray lined in black shred together with a quotation postcard and your message handwritten on a mini whisk tag.

click on a product below to view a full description:

  • clear natural blossom honey 340g

    a superior honey with a smooth consistency and delicious flavour

  • organic fairtrade sumatran takengon coffee 227g
  • jean-paul deville carte d’or n.v. champagne 37.5cl
  • french madelienes 400g
  • organic coffee hazelnut chocolate spread 200g
  • fine cut marmalade 113g
  • raspberry jam 113g
  • ‘eating’ quotation postcard
  • mini whisk tag

Gifts for the Mothers of the Bride & Groom

Gifts for the Mothers of the Bride & GroomIt has become a traditional part of the wedding breakfast or reception to offer gifts for the mothers of the bride and groom.
As the mothers often assist with a lot, if not all, of the organisation for the wedding, the bride and groom will want to express their gratitude.
Quite often gifts for the mothers take the form of floral arrangements which are presented by the bride groom during the speeches at the wedding reception. The flowers may be specially chosen to reflect each mother’s personal taste and preference or they may be selected to reflect the floral theme for the wedding day.
Some brides will include the mothers in any days she may organise for herself and her bridesmaids. Others will perhaps arrange a separate day for the older women to enjoy.
Digital photography, on demand printing and electronic gizmos have made it possible to offer mothers meaningful reminders and keepsakes of the wedding. Books of photographs can be compiled, printed and professionally bound at low cost; digital photograph frames that display a slide show of wedding photographs are both ideas which will be very much appreciated by mothers.
A wedding day is an emotional time for a mother of either the bride or the groom. Even if their child has already left the family home there is something symbolic about a wedding that marks a new, independent phase in life. Sensitivity needs to be shown to the emotions that will undoubtedly be felt even if they are not being displayed.
Gifts for the mothers of the bride and groom do more than thank these wonderful women for all they have done to make the wedding possible. Such gifts acknowledge all the mothers have done in bringing a child into the world, nurturing it and bringing him or her to a point where they are ready to start over with their own family. It is an acknowledgement of years of hard work and effort.

Gifts for the Matron of Honour

Gifts for the Matron of HonourThe Matron of Honour is the chief bridesmaid and is usually the best friend of the bride. Often the Matron of Honour will be married herself and will be chosen because she ‘knows the ropes’ of both wedding day etiquette and the first few months of marriage. Her role extends beyond holding the bride’s bouquet – she will usually be a confidante and adviser. For these reasons the bride will usually want to select a special gift for her Matron of Honour.
A specially selected gift will be very personal to the Matron of Honour. It may be something that has been personalised with her name or those of the bride and groom. If the gift can be made meaningful, to represent the friendship between the bride and the Matron of Honour, so much the better.
Often a bride will choose to have a day or weekend away with the Matron of Honour to prepare for the wedding day. This may be a time of indulgence at a health farm or spa resort or it may be a time of completing practical tasks such as hand making invitations.
Jewellery is always appreciated by women world-over. Something personally selected by the bride will be especially meaningful for the recipient.
As for the bridesmaids, it will be the note or card accompanying the gift that will be treasured most by the Matron of Honour. This is the opportunity for the bride to express her thoughts about their friendship and also to offer her thanks.

Gifts for the Groomsmen & Ushers

Gifts for the Groomsmen & UshersThere is often a special bond between the bridegroom and his groomsmen and ushers. They may be friends or relatives; perhaps old school or college buddies. It is customary for the bridegroom to give each of his groomsmen and ushers a gift to thank them for their friendship and support.

Gifts for groomsmen and ushers need not be expensive. Weddings are costly enough without adding unnecessarily to the expense. Extravagant gifts are not required – it is more important to give something that is meaningful and acknowledges the friendship between the parties.

The groomsmen and ushers play a vital role during the wedding attending to guests before the main wedding party arrives. Their part needs to be acknowledged as it contributes hugely to the success of the wedding day.

Whatever gifts are selected, it is important that they are all of approximately equal value. It is not appropriate to differentiate between the different groomsmen and ushers by offering gifts of different values as this can lead to resentment and upset.

Some suggestions for gifts for groomsmen and ushers stationery, pens, jewellery and leather goods including belts, wallets and business card holders.

If the bride and groom are to relocate after the wedding a gift of prepaid telephone cards allowing the groomsmen to keep in touch is an acceptable gift idea.

Gifts can be personalised with either the name of the groomsman or usher or with the names of the bride and groom along with the date of the marriage.

Whatever groomsmen and usher gifts you decide to give the most important part will be the thank you note that accompanies it. Whilst men may not be as sentimental as women about such things – a note is still appreciated and treasured.

Gifts for the Groom

Gifts for the Groomxchanged between the bride and bride groom on their wedding day.

Gifts given to the groom from the bride are usually in the form of keepsakes to mark the occasion of the marriage. Although a groom may accept a wedding ring from his bride, many men prefer not to wear a wedding ring – often for work related reasons where a ring may represent a health and safety risk. Who said romance was dead!

Some brides present their groom with a portrait photograph or an engraved frame in which a wedding photograph may be placed.

Jewellery is the gift of choice for many brides with St. Christopher medallions often being a gift of choice to ensure their grooms always travel back safely to them. An engraved wristwatch is also a very valued and useful gift.

As the gift is to mark the occasion of the marriage the gift need not be expensive. It is more about expressing the emotions of the wedding day and the desires for the future. A poem or a personal letter presented in a special format will be treasured.

Enlightened brides may want to give a gift ‘for the boys’. This would be some kind of day or weekend event that the groom can enjoy with his men friends and is given to demonstrate the bride’s support and acceptance of the groom maintaining old friendships and interests.

Some couples decide to give joint presents to each other – these may be honeymoons or major purchases for the home.

Whatever a bride decides to give to her bride groom to mark their marriage it is the thought and emotion that is attached to the gift that counts – not necessarily the amount of money spent.

Weddings and Gifts

Weddings and Gifts

Image by Muffet via Flickr

Weddings and Gifts

So you have a wedding to go to, either as a guest or as a member of the wedding party, fantastic.

The problem is you will probably want to buy a gift of some sort, well that’s fantastic too, so whats it going to be – a toaster, kettle, or how about an electric knife, you can never have too many electric knives.  Maybe you’d prefer to go down the route of a picture for the wall, or some cutlery, or a vacuum cleaner, or one of dozens of other really, really boooring gifts.  You could always go for the safe option and buy from the wedding list, yep that’s a winner, that’ll be remembered at the 10th anniversary, not.

You really want to buy something that the happy couple will love, not nesecarilly a practical gift, but something that they will treasure and use or appreciate for a long time.  The type of thing that in the future their visitors will say ‘wow, where did you get this’, ‘our friends bought it for us as a wedding gift’, ‘They must be really good friends, and they have great taste – I wonder if they would be our friends too.’ 🙂

Our goal here  is to help you choose these wonderful gifts, we will make suggestions, we’ll try our best to give you relevant information, and hopefully give you ideas that will help you look good, but at the end of the day we at weddings and gifts are here to help you.

Gifts for the Couple

Gifts for the CoupleYou have been invited to a wedding and don’t know what to give the happy couple. The problem with what to give gets even harder if the bride and groom are older or are re-marrying.

We all know good things in life are celebrated with gifts and weddings are no exception. Being invited to attend a wedding is an honor but it can be hard to come up with an innovative or offbeat wedding gift idea that the bride and groom will treasure – it is a challenge.  With brides and grooms now marrying later in many couples already have most if not all of the home essentials that are usually associated with wedding gifts.

So what can be offered as an acceptable and welcome gift for the newly married couple?

Personalised gifts are always welcome – anything that records the names of the happy couple along with the date of the marriage.

Gifts for the bathroom are very welcome with more people choosing to make their bathrooms into a spa with the addition of heated towel rails, luxurious towels, ornate mirors and multi-function shower heads. If that doesn’t appeal, you might want to consider giving vouchers for the happy couple to actually have a day at a Spa to recover from the stress of organising the wedding.

You may want to give something to symbolise the couple starting their new life together – perhaps a plant or tree for their garden.

If giving something that will last or perhaps increase in value is important to you, you may want to consider a piece of art work.  Paintings and sculpture are things that the couple will cherish for years.  Of course, if you are artistic, you could make something yourself.

Often, modern day couples have all the material possessions they need and they are more interested in experiences than belongings. For a couple such as this you may want to offer them travel or unique experience vouchers.

Photographs are always cherished and with the advent of digital photography and on demand printing it becomes easy to create the alternative wedding album which can be offered after the event.

On the photography theme, think about framing before and after photographs of the couple – before and after the wedding, that is.

Traditional wedding etiquette still requires that a wedding gift list be circulated amongst the guests or deposited with a particular retailer. Guests should be aware that this list is an invitation rather than an instruction and there is no requirement to restrict your choice to an item on that list.

There really is no right or wrong in regard to buying wedding gifts as every couple is different, as is the budget of every wedding guest. What may be well received and appreciated by one couple may disappoint or horrify another.

A safe, general rule is to stick to the list if you do not know the couple well. In that way you will not disappoint them. However, if you are very familiar with the tastes and preferences of the bride and groom do not be afraid to choose something unique and individual.

Gifts for the Bridesmaids

Gifts for the BridesmaidsThere are many really good ideas circulating for gifts to be given to the bridesmaids at a wedding but the problem is that most of them have already been seen at other weddings, they are not unique.

There is usually a special connection between the bridesmaids and the bride – they may be friends or relatives – and it is customary for the bride to give each of her bridesmaids a bridesmaid gift to thank them for their time, effort and support.

Weddings can be very costly affairs and it is not necessary to add to the expense by providing ostentatious and expensive gifts for your bridesmaids.  Bridesmaid gift ideas need not be extravagant.

Since the bridesmaids play such an important role in the wedding party, the bride will want to pick out gifts that both reflect the gratitude and love you want to express to them. The ladies a bride selects to be her bridesmaids are very important to her – and for this reason getting the right gift will be equally important.

Whatever is chosen all gifts for bridesmaids should be of equal value. Care should be taken not to show any favoritism as this can cause unpleasantness and even spoil the wedding day.

Some suggestions for gifts for bridesmaids include keepsakes of the special memories you share. Making a scrapbook of shared memories is a valuable and yet inexpensive gift.

If the bride and groom will be relocating after the wedding a gift of prepaid telephone cards allowing the bridesmaids to keep in touch is a novel idea

Jewellery is of course always appreciated and is enduring. Rather than buying each bridesmaid the same item it is thoughtful to buy individual pieces of jewellery chosen to reflect the personalities of the individual bridesmaids.

Many gifts can be personalised, including stationery or photo frames. Photo frames can include photos from the wedding day as a keepsake.

Some brides take their bridesmaids on a Spa day before the wedding day to ensure everyone has a relaxing time and also looks their best.

Whatever bridesmaid gifts you decide to give the most important part will be the note or card that you hand write to accompany that gift. In fact, often the handwritten note of thanks is treasured just as much as the gift itself.

Bridesmaid gifts do not have to be expensive they do need to personal and preferably something that can be treasured.

Wedding Gifts for the Bride

Wedding Gifts For The BrideHer wedding day is a special time for a woman and it is often marked by the giving of a very personal gift from the groom.

The wedding ring could be viewed as wedding gift although its symbolism represents much more than that.

Often the groom will organise a surprise honeymoon for the bride and present it to her as a gift on the wedding day. Sometimes another piece of personal jewellery will be offered as a keepsake and reminder of the day.

With the cost of weddings escalating, gifts between the bride and groom can be omitted altogether, without anyone thinking any the less of either party. The nature of the gifts between bride and groom are personal and guests are often unaware that such an exchange of gifts has even occurred.

Personal, thoughtful gifts do not need to be expensive. Photograph albums charting the course of the relationship between the pair are valued and inexpensive to put together. A piece of artwork or a specially commissioned poem will be appreciated.

Many bride grooms like to preserve the element of surprise when selecting gifts for their brides – this can be risky and it can also be appreciated. It is the responsibility of each individual groom to assess the mood and emotion of his bride when making the decision about whether to surprise her or not.

Whilst there can be a temptation to spend large sums of money to show the bride how much he loves her, grooms perhaps need to be reminded that actions do often speak louder than words. Especially when budgets are tight, a thoughtful gesture or a very personal letter will be appreciated just as much as an expensive gift.

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