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Gifts for the Matron of Honour

Gifts for the Matron of HonourThe Matron of Honour is the chief bridesmaid and is usually the best friend of the bride. Often the Matron of Honour will be married herself and will be chosen because she ‘knows the ropes’ of both wedding day etiquette and the first few months of marriage. Her role extends beyond holding the bride’s bouquet – she will usually be a confidante and adviser. For these reasons the bride will usually want to select a special gift for her Matron of Honour.
A specially selected gift will be very personal to the Matron of Honour. It may be something that has been personalised with her name or those of the bride and groom. If the gift can be made meaningful, to represent the friendship between the bride and the Matron of Honour, so much the better.
Often a bride will choose to have a day or weekend away with the Matron of Honour to prepare for the wedding day. This may be a time of indulgence at a health farm or spa resort or it may be a time of completing practical tasks such as hand making invitations.
Jewellery is always appreciated by women world-over. Something personally selected by the bride will be especially meaningful for the recipient.
As for the bridesmaids, it will be the note or card accompanying the gift that will be treasured most by the Matron of Honour. This is the opportunity for the bride to express her thoughts about their friendship and also to offer her thanks.

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