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Gifts for the Groom

Gifts for the Groomxchanged between the bride and bride groom on their wedding day.

Gifts given to the groom from the bride are usually in the form of keepsakes to mark the occasion of the marriage. Although a groom may accept a wedding ring from his bride, many men prefer not to wear a wedding ring – often for work related reasons where a ring may represent a health and safety risk. Who said romance was dead!

Some brides present their groom with a portrait photograph or an engraved frame in which a wedding photograph may be placed.

Jewellery is the gift of choice for many brides with St. Christopher medallions often being a gift of choice to ensure their grooms always travel back safely to them. An engraved wristwatch is also a very valued and useful gift.

As the gift is to mark the occasion of the marriage the gift need not be expensive. It is more about expressing the emotions of the wedding day and the desires for the future. A poem or a personal letter presented in a special format will be treasured.

Enlightened brides may want to give a gift ‘for the boys’. This would be some kind of day or weekend event that the groom can enjoy with his men friends and is given to demonstrate the bride’s support and acceptance of the groom maintaining old friendships and interests.

Some couples decide to give joint presents to each other – these may be honeymoons or major purchases for the home.

Whatever a bride decides to give to her bride groom to mark their marriage it is the thought and emotion that is attached to the gift that counts – not necessarily the amount of money spent.

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