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Gifts for the Groomsmen & Ushers

Gifts for the Groomsmen & UshersThere is often a special bond between the bridegroom and his groomsmen and ushers. They may be friends or relatives; perhaps old school or college buddies. It is customary for the bridegroom to give each of his groomsmen and ushers a gift to thank them for their friendship and support.

Gifts for groomsmen and ushers need not be expensive. Weddings are costly enough without adding unnecessarily to the expense. Extravagant gifts are not required – it is more important to give something that is meaningful and acknowledges the friendship between the parties.

The groomsmen and ushers play a vital role during the wedding attending to guests before the main wedding party arrives. Their part needs to be acknowledged as it contributes hugely to the success of the wedding day.

Whatever gifts are selected, it is important that they are all of approximately equal value. It is not appropriate to differentiate between the different groomsmen and ushers by offering gifts of different values as this can lead to resentment and upset.

Some suggestions for gifts for groomsmen and ushers stationery, pens, jewellery and leather goods including belts, wallets and business card holders.

If the bride and groom are to relocate after the wedding a gift of prepaid telephone cards allowing the groomsmen to keep in touch is an acceptable gift idea.

Gifts can be personalised with either the name of the groomsman or usher or with the names of the bride and groom along with the date of the marriage.

Whatever groomsmen and usher gifts you decide to give the most important part will be the thank you note that accompanies it. Whilst men may not be as sentimental as women about such things – a note is still appreciated and treasured.

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