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So the big question has been popped, a ring has been accepted and everyone is excited, you’ll have an engagement party and have lots of fun.  The problem is that its getting serious now, no not the relationship :-), your going to have to plan the big day, probably the biggest event you’ll ever organise, not to mention the most expensive.

But it’s all good, you’ve got a bit of time to sort everything out, the problem is – do you know what to sort out or how long it will take?  So you’d like a little help? You could splash the cash and hire a wedding organiser or if you’d prefer to save some money you could have a look at this Beautiful Wedding Planner Guide, it will help you to make your day perfect, with as little stress as possible

  • Wedding Planner – Beautiful Design and Finish
  • Many extras to include 6 tabbed sections, prompts and detailed checklists
  • Lots of detail to ensure nothing is left forgotten for the Special Day
  • A beautiful keepsake product with matching guest book, note book and photo album available to compliment this beautiful range

Wedding Planners - Inside Page

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