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Gifts for the Mothers of the Bride & Groom

Gifts for the Mothers of the Bride & GroomIt has become a traditional part of the wedding breakfast or reception to offer gifts for the mothers of the bride and groom.
As the mothers often assist with a lot, if not all, of the organisation for the wedding, the bride and groom will want to express their gratitude.
Quite often gifts for the mothers take the form of floral arrangements which are presented by the bride groom during the speeches at the wedding reception. The flowers may be specially chosen to reflect each mother’s personal taste and preference or they may be selected to reflect the floral theme for the wedding day.
Some brides will include the mothers in any days she may organise for herself and her bridesmaids. Others will perhaps arrange a separate day for the older women to enjoy.
Digital photography, on demand printing and electronic gizmos have made it possible to offer mothers meaningful reminders and keepsakes of the wedding. Books of photographs can be compiled, printed and professionally bound at low cost; digital photograph frames that display a slide show of wedding photographs are both ideas which will be very much appreciated by mothers.
A wedding day is an emotional time for a mother of either the bride or the groom. Even if their child has already left the family home there is something symbolic about a wedding that marks a new, independent phase in life. Sensitivity needs to be shown to the emotions that will undoubtedly be felt even if they are not being displayed.
Gifts for the mothers of the bride and groom do more than thank these wonderful women for all they have done to make the wedding possible. Such gifts acknowledge all the mothers have done in bringing a child into the world, nurturing it and bringing him or her to a point where they are ready to start over with their own family. It is an acknowledgement of years of hard work and effort.

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