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Gifts for the Bridesmaids

Gifts for the BridesmaidsThere are many really good ideas circulating for gifts to be given to the bridesmaids at a wedding but the problem is that most of them have already been seen at other weddings, they are not unique.

There is usually a special connection between the bridesmaids and the bride – they may be friends or relatives – and it is customary for the bride to give each of her bridesmaids a bridesmaid gift to thank them for their time, effort and support.

Weddings can be very costly affairs and it is not necessary to add to the expense by providing ostentatious and expensive gifts for your bridesmaids.  Bridesmaid gift ideas need not be extravagant.

Since the bridesmaids play such an important role in the wedding party, the bride will want to pick out gifts that both reflect the gratitude and love you want to express to them. The ladies a bride selects to be her bridesmaids are very important to her – and for this reason getting the right gift will be equally important.

Whatever is chosen all gifts for bridesmaids should be of equal value. Care should be taken not to show any favoritism as this can cause unpleasantness and even spoil the wedding day.

Some suggestions for gifts for bridesmaids include keepsakes of the special memories you share. Making a scrapbook of shared memories is a valuable and yet inexpensive gift.

If the bride and groom will be relocating after the wedding a gift of prepaid telephone cards allowing the bridesmaids to keep in touch is a novel idea

Jewellery is of course always appreciated and is enduring. Rather than buying each bridesmaid the same item it is thoughtful to buy individual pieces of jewellery chosen to reflect the personalities of the individual bridesmaids.

Many gifts can be personalised, including stationery or photo frames. Photo frames can include photos from the wedding day as a keepsake.

Some brides take their bridesmaids on a Spa day before the wedding day to ensure everyone has a relaxing time and also looks their best.

Whatever bridesmaid gifts you decide to give the most important part will be the note or card that you hand write to accompany that gift. In fact, often the handwritten note of thanks is treasured just as much as the gift itself.

Bridesmaid gifts do not have to be expensive they do need to personal and preferably something that can be treasured.

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