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Weddings and Gifts

Weddings and Gifts

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Weddings and Gifts

So you have a wedding to go to, either as a guest or as a member of the wedding party, fantastic.

The problem is you will probably want to buy a gift of some sort, well that’s fantastic too, so whats it going to be – a toaster, kettle, or how about an electric knife, you can never have too many electric knives.  Maybe you’d prefer to go down the route of a picture for the wall, or some cutlery, or a vacuum cleaner, or one of dozens of other really, really boooring gifts.  You could always go for the safe option and buy from the wedding list, yep that’s a winner, that’ll be remembered at the 10th anniversary, not.

You really want to buy something that the happy couple will love, not nesecarilly a practical gift, but something that they will treasure and use or appreciate for a long time.  The type of thing that in the future their visitors will say ‘wow, where did you get this’, ‘our friends bought it for us as a wedding gift’, ‘They must be really good friends, and they have great taste – I wonder if they would be our friends too.’ 🙂

Our goal here  is to help you choose these wonderful gifts, we will make suggestions, we’ll try our best to give you relevant information, and hopefully give you ideas that will help you look good, but at the end of the day we at weddings and gifts are here to help you.

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