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Gifts for the Bestman

Gifts For The Best ManThe bestman is the right hand man of the bridegroom. He is responsible for ensuring that the groom makes it to the wedding on time and he is also custodian of the rings. For these reasons, it is not unusual for the bridegroom to want to offer a gift to the bestman to thank him for his support.
The bestman will often be the brother of the bridegroom or a long standing friend. It has even been known for women friends to play the role of bestman – although it is not often that you get to hear about a man playing the role of Matron of Honour.
A specially selected gift will be very personal to the bestman. It may be something that has been personalised with his name or those of the bride and groom.
It is true that men tend to be less sentimental than women about wedding gifts but this does not mean that a bestman will not appreciate the thought and effort that will undoubtedly go into selecting an appropriate gift for him.
One of the key speeches at the wedding reception or wedding breakfast is that made by the bestman. This speech carries with it a burden of responsibility.  The gathered guests will have an expectation of the bestman to entertain them with jokes and little known facts about the bridegroom. It is surely appropriate that such a burden should be rewarded by the bridegroom?

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